The Family That Plays Together…

libonatti family show image

Air Date: 12-20-13

Theme – “The Family That Plays Together…”

Guest: Melody and Ed Libonati

Rev. Shawn is celebrating the holiday with a visit with Melody and Ed Libonati (Performing Arts Conservatory of New Canaan pioneers) and asking about what values they have chosen in order to maintain a loving family that works with and for each other.

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Takin’ It Out of the Churches and Into the Clubs

bargman yolanda show image

Air Date: 12/13/13

Theme – “Takin’ It Out of the Churches and Into the Clubs”

Guest: Rev. Sandra Bargman and Rev. Yolanda

Rev. Shawn is chatting with two delightful ministers (Rev. Sandra Bargman and Rev. Yolanda) who are taking their ministries into the Cabarets and concert halls. There is a great spiritual message that is reminding us of the Good that we are in the music they sing.

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Spiritual Go-to’s

raissa david show image

Air Date: 12-6-13

Theme – “Spiritual Go-to’s”

Guest: Raissa Katona Bennett & David Friedman

Rev. Shawn is talking with Actress/singer/Truth Student Raissa Katona Bennett and Author David Friedman (The Thought Exchange) about our spiritual go-to’s. The places we go to in our spiritual life when we are confused and in need of clarity.

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First Things First

jamie sanders show image

Air Date: 11-22-13

Theme – “First Things First”

Guest: Rev. Jamie Sanders

How do spiritual leaders continue to be spiritual students? Rev. Shawn and Rev. Jamie Sanders of Unity of Pensacola ( are having a chat about the challenges of remembering to be a student of Truth first and a teacher/preacher of Truth second.

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Everybody’s Watching; Dance Well!

victoria regan show image

Air Date: 11-15-13

Theme – “Everybody’s Watching; Dance Really Well!”

Guest:Victoria Regan

Rev. Shawn and world championship ballroom dancer, Victoria Regan ( are having a talk about the discipline it takes, spiritually, mentally, and physically to be the best at whatever it is you want to do.

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Are These the Best of Times?

matthew mcgee show image

Air Date: 11-8-13

Theme – “Are These the Best of Times? Is It Good Now? What About Now?”

Guest: Matthew McGee

Rev. Shawn and actor/entertainer Matthew McGee are chatting about how the “Good Times” are based on perception rather than facts. Listen in to these funny men as they reflect on some of their own experiences and relate how they could have been so much more delightful if they had had a different thought about them.

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Spirit Is Funny That Way!

Greg Tamlyn Vibrating Flyer copy

Air Date:10-25-13

Theme – “Spirit Is Funny That Way!”

Guest: Greg Tamblyn

Rev. Shawn and comedy sensation Greg Tamblyn are chatting about humor in our lives and how it is essential for getting through the day with a Spirit consciousness rather than a victim consciousness. Listen in to see where you can laugh. The show is featuring great comedy songs performed by Greg.

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Is There Anything to Hide?

heidi alfrey show image

Air Date: 10/18/13

Theme – “Is There Anything to Hide?”

Guest: Rev. Heidi Alfrey

Rev. Shawn and radio host Rev. Heidi Alfrey (Let’s Get Naked-Unity FM radio) are having a great talk about the fact that, in reality, there is nothing to hide. There aren’t any actual secrets. There is only Truth, and the way we are using it.

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